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Now you get to learn the unique way law firms behave financially.

While the knowledge you are about to gain is not a secret per se, few will ever explain it to you.

  Now that you are on the "inside," this information will power up your job performance in many ways. More on that below.

First, want some good news? 

You are not alone. From equity partners to law students and C-suite leaders to marketing managers – so few know how the law firm financial model actually works. I have shared this course with hundreds of people over the last few years and each time I get the same reaction . . . "wow, I had no idea. I never could understand it.” 

At first, I didn’t think any of this material was a big deal. That is because I took it for granted. People have reminded me I shouldn’t and that I should share it more. 

It's true. The dominant way firms operate financially is understood by so few

Should everyone know this? Everything seems to work just fine as it is with so few people knowing. I get it. But something happens when people catch a glimpse of what is actually going on inside a firm. They start to see things differently. They can see why certain decisions are made. They can predict behavior better when they are looking to make change. They gain a clearer sense of the stress and pressures put on partners. 

In short, now you will get smarter and more capable of navigating the firm culture and operations. Once you can speak the language of law firm finance, you can better shape and predict what can get done and how to proceed.

You will no longer be in the dark or intimidated by law firm financial reports. 

You will learn how to measure performance based on something more than just revenue. 

You will get a boatload of metrics that you can start using to measure things for yourself and your teams.

You will become not just financially literate, but financially comfortable.

Reactions to our courses.

I have worked in IT (and now Practice Innovation) at law firms for over thirty years.  Your course has demonstrated how little I know – and I thank you for enlightening me.  Thanks so much!!

The law firm finance course is a great overview of how finances work for law firms, and really helps everyone gain a solid foundation on the expectations and pressures of working in a law firm. Even for a long-time partner like myself, the course is easy to follow, easy to understand, and will educate those new to the profession as well as those who have been around for a while. I certainly picked up a few things!

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A little taste of what is inside.

What to expect

  • 🔐Access to our Billable Hour Sprint Course - a dynamic course filled with the economic and financial fundamentals that drive law firm culture and strategy
  • 📲Web-based & mobile-friendly content (Android w/ Apple iOS coming soon)
  • 📘 Sample Practice Group Income Statement & Lawyer Financial Report based on actual firm financials 
  • 🎯 Exercises to reinforce and check your learning 

  • 🧐 Three case studies/frameworks for applying your learnings now
  • ✒️ Access to faculty via email with a 48 hour response time
  • 🎬 Exclusive videos including priority access to all relevant webinars and interviews
  • 🧑‍💻 Digital workbook containing all course content so you can reference anytime

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